What is Arvind Lexicon?

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The Arvind Lexicon’s huge proprietary bi-lingual Unicode database has been compiled over the past 35 years by Arvind Kumar and contains 9,00,000 English and Hindi expressions.

It seamlessly integrates the functionality of a thesaurus and dictionary. The User Interface is intuitive and very easy to use, even for casual users. Very little or no training is required.

The Arvind Lexicon:

  • Is the largest existing bilingual word corpus in the world.
  • Is the only India-centric English–English and English–Hindi linguistic tool
  • Is an excellent tool in the learning or teaching of Hindi and English languages
  • Has an ingenious, participatory and interactive User Interface—a great step forward in electronic dictionaries
  • Serves the needs of everyone - writers, advertisers, copy writers, translators, bureaucrats, students, teachers…
  • Helps select the right word in a required context
  • Builds and improves one’s vocabulary while looking up a word
  • Enables exploration of Hindi and English languages in a manner hitherto impossible
  • Is a great tool for users who wish to increase their knowledge of English words and concepts
  • Has a combined hierarchical and alphabetical navigation tools to allows even masters of the languages discover new words
  • Comes with the additional benefit of Romanization of Hindi words—a boon to all those who are new to Hindi or not so familiar with the script, guides them in the correct Hindi pronunciation. Its new “Intuitive Transliteration” scheme has been devised for easy readability
  • Integrates into major office suites such as Microsoft Office and Open Office.
  • Can revolutionize the usage of Hindi as well as English in India as it forms a unique bridge between them.

Other Indian languages are planned to be integrated into the software in a phased manner, starting with Tamil. This will enable the creation of multiple unique cross-language lexicons such as English/Tamil and also Hindi/Tamil.


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