How Arvind Lexicon came to be

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Way back, on the night of December 25-26, 1973, Arvind Kumar realized that his life’s mission was to give Hindi its first ever, exhaustive and modern thesaurus. The next morning on their daily walk in the Hanging Gardens, Malabar Hill, he and wife Kusum decided to devote their future life to actively work for the fulfilment of this mission and dream. (At that time Arvind Kumar was Editor of the renowned Hindi film magazine Madhuri: a Times of India publication from Mumbai.) The first fruit of the couple’s labours was Samantar Kosh—Hindi Thesaurus (National Book Trust, India) (1996). This was followed by many celebrated lexicographical works.

Decades after that defining moment and life-changing decision has resulted in the foundation of Arvind Linguistics Pvt Ltd in October 2010.

The English language, today, is as much Indian, as it is British or American or international. Along with Hindi, it is one of our two official languages, and a major means of communication among our various linguistic regions. Yet Indian socio-cultural vocabulary and concepts have, by and large, been missing from English lexicographic works, be they EnglishEnglish or EnglishHindi dictionaries or thesauruses. The sole exception to this had been Arvind Kumar and Kusum Kumar’s voluminous three-part India-centric The Penguin English–Hindi/Hindi–English Thesaurus and Dictionary.

However there has been no such lexicographic resource available either in print or on the net till the appearance of Arvind Lexicon. This explains the why of Arvind Linguistics Pvt Ltd was founded to register an impressive Indian presence in the electronic world of today and to promote Hindi along with all the other Indian languages on the net and in any other form of communcation.

Arvind Lexicon is hosted on the net by Arvind Linguistics.

Arvind Linguistics a private limited company and has four persons as its founder members: Arvind Kumar (founder, chairman and editor-in-chief), Kusum Kumar (co- founder and Hindi editor-in-chief), Sumeet Kumar(director and head of the software division) and Meeta Lall (Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer). They happen to be all the persons who were present on that fateful December morning walk and, since then, as and when required have worked together to take the Mission forward.

The directors of Arvind Linguistics have been working with a missionary zeal. After meeting out the running expenses a large and sizeable amount of income after expenses will go towards the creation of proposed dictionaries and thesauruses and enhancing the cause of Hindi language, creating more and more tools to gradually increase its capabilities in the direction of its becoming the first official language of the India and enabling not only Hindi but all Indian languages for a global milieu, and also to make the English language more and more pertinent to Indian socio-cultural needs.

All of them have made significant contributions in the creation of Arvind and Kusum Kumar’s celebrated lexicographical works (in order of their date of publication):

Samantar Kosh the first modern and exhaustive Hindi thesaurus and (looking at its scale) the first ever in India.

Shabdeshwari a Hindi thesaurus of Indian mythological names.

Arvind Sahaj Samantar Kosh — the first alphabetical thesaurus in Hindi and all Indian languages.

The Penguin English-Hindi/Hindi-English Thesaurus and Dictionary the world’s largest bilingual thesaurus and dictionary.

The Penguin Language Explorer (English-Hindi) the first alphabetical bilingual English-Hindi dictionary and thesaurus.

The Penguin Language Explorer (Hindi- English) the first alphabetical bilingual Hindi-English dictionary and thesaurus.

Arvind Linguistics, among other things, is the sole provider of Arvind Lexicon: Interactive English–Hindi–Roman Dictionary Thesaurus and Language Explore, in short referred to as Arvind Lexicon.

Arvind Lexicon  is an English-Hindi India-centric, yet global linguistic resource.

The online fast and interactive Arvind Lexicon  has the vast bilingual data of 9,51,045 expressions (4,31,581 English and 5,19,460 Hindi) under 38,492 subheads.

Arvind Lexicon keeps updating itself: Our team of Editors will keep on constantly revising and upgrading the exhaustive vocabulary. They will continuously append more and more concepts and expressions to it. In this endeavour they will keep in live conversation with the Lexicon’s users, seek their feedback and suggestions for its improvement.

Arvind Lexicon plans to add more languages to its database. Among the first languages proposed to be added are Tamil and Gujararti from among Indian languages, and Chinese from non-Indian ones.

Our Vision

To achieve highest possible standards in bilingual and multi-lingual lexicography.

To be a trusted partner with all language users and global society in general, powered by passionate minds, ready to adapt innovative ways and means to excel in a fast-developing techno-electronic world.

To further, through all linguistic media, the social upliftment of all people, their well-being, cultural standards, knowledge base, keeping away from any political belief or religious, social, racial, regional discrimination.

Our Values

To exceed public expectations zealously and take the future head on.

To strive for excellence in all we do, benchmarked with the best on the net and print globally.

To create innovative communication tools for success through mastery over languages and communication capabilities.

User Centricity
To ensure users’ satisfaction and their trust: Always. forever, regularly, reliably, consistently, ceaselessly…

Arvind Lexicon keeps updating itself

9,51,045 expressions (4,31,581 English and 5,19,460 Hindi) under 38,492 subheads