Why did Arvind Lexicon come to be?

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Get 9,51,045 expressions (4,31,581 English and 5,19,460 Hindi) online

You as a person on the computer have no time or patience to flick through the pages of a voluminous dictionary or thesaurus. What you need is something on the Computer or Online.

So far there was no handy and instantaneous bilingual and vast linguistic tool to be of help in your moment of need.

It is where the handy and instantaneous unique software of Arvind Lexicon comes to the rescue of a writer/translator harried for time. The Lexicon draws upon a database of 950,000+ expressions in English and Hindi at the click of a mouse.

For a given word, the Arvind Lexicon provides synonyms, related concepts, antonyms, definitions, common phrases in both English and Hindi one after the other. For example, database offers for ‘beautiful’ 200+ and 500+ synonyms in English and synonyms. What a rich mine of words!

The Arvind Lexicon software seamlessly integrates the functionality of a thesaurus, dictionary and a mini-encyclopaedia.

Arvind Lexicon is integrated into Microsoft Office as well as Open Office. This means you can easily search, select and use words while working in any MS Office or Open Office application.

Arvind Lexicon is useful for everyone who communicates in English and Hindi - writers, journalists, ad copy writers and poets; students, teachers and research scholars; people working in government and other offices and many others.

Arvind Lexicon’s database has been compiled over the past 35 years by Arvind Kumar, well-known journalist (Editor with Times of India and Reader’s Digest groups) and linguist (author of Samantar Kosh, the first-ever thesaurus in Hindi, and the Penguin English-Hindi Thesaurus, the largest bilingual thesaurus).

Arvind Lexicon keeps updating itself

9,51,045 expressions (4,31,581 English and 5,19,460 Hindi) under 38,492 subheads