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Arvind Lexicon is the largest, fastest, easiest and interactive online access to an exhaustive bilingual Hindi-English dictionary and thesaurus, from the world’s largest  database of Hindi-English words and expressions along with cross cultural references and contextual links to similar and opposite word concepts.

Arvind Lexicon: Interactive English–Hindi–Roman Dictionary Thesaurus and Language Explorer has, under its 38,492 subheads, 9,51,045 expressions out of which there are 4,31,581 English ones and 5,19,460 Hindi. To the best of our knowledge, it is the largest English-Hindi bilingual lexicographic data in the world, with the added benefit of the Romanization of Hindi words to help those who either do not know or are not proficient in the usage of the Devanagari script.

General dictionaries very often do not include words if they are too specialized. For them you need a specialized dictionaries or go through many search engines on the internet, wade through a thousand websites with glossaries. Arvind’s lexicon encompasses in its vocabulary many such terms, because it has employed a method of listing large number of technical words under various subject categories.

Arvind Lexicon is:

The world’s largest collection of Hindi and English words.

An innovative and extremely useful product for anyone working with English or Hindi languages for anyone working with English or Hindi languages.

A bilingual dictionary that helps you to build and improve your vocabulary while looking up a word.

A great tool for all Indians who wish to increase their knowledge of English words and concepts.

Arvind Lexicon’s participatory and interactive User Interface is a leap ahead in electronic lexicographic works and enables exploration of languages in a manner hitherto unknown.

The ease of combined hierarchical and alphabetical navigation allows even expert users to discover new words on any subject.

Arvind Lexicon keeps updating itself.

It is a great help for non-Hindi users or those who are not so familiar with the script, for its new ‘Intuitive Transliteration’ scheme has been devised for easy instant understandability.

It is well integrated into Microsoft Office as well as Open Office: This means you can easily search, select and use words while working in any MS Office or Open Office application.


Arvind Lexicon keeps updating itself

9,51,045 expressions (4,31,581 English and 5,19,460 Hindi) under 38,492 subheads