Arvind Linguistics Pvt Ltd is the company which hosts and

Arvind Linguistics is a company formed by a group of dedicated persons passionate about words & Indian languages, and also about bringing innovative cost-effective solutions to the Healthcare Industry.

Our Vision

To achieve highest possible standards in bilingual and multi-lingual lexicography.

To be a trusted partner with all language users and global society in general, powered by passionate minds, ready to adapt innovative ways and means to excel in a fast-developing techno-electronic world.

To bring tangible benefits to the Healthcare Industry by offering open source solutions that increase business efficiency and bring true benefits without vendor lock-in.

Our Values


To exceed public expectations zealously and take the future head on.


To strive for excellence in all we do benchmarked with the best on the net and print globally.


To create innovative communication tools for success through mastery over languages and communication capabilities.

User Centricity

To ensure users’ satisfaction and their trust: Always. forever, regularly, reliably, consistently, ceaselessly…


To help users to express themselves better and add power to what they write or say.

To take Indian languages to the world and bring world languages to India.

To distribute and implement innovative, open source products and solutions for the Healthcare Industry