We have an unparalleled depth of both functional and linguistic expertise as well as breadth of a global view point. We are a group of people who think out of the box to achieve our goals.

Arvind Kumar                     

(b.17 January 1930), veteran journalist, art-drama-film critic, and writer, poet and a translator to and from English and Hindi, and from Sanskrit to Hindi. Creator of Hindi’s first and exhaustive thesaurus Samantar Kosh, the vast bilingual English–Hindi data of Arvind Lexicon. Chief editor, Bhojpuri-Hindi-English Lok Shabdkosh published under the Hindi Lok Shabdkosh Pariyojana (for two years) of the Central Institute of Hindi, Agra. Editor, Sarvottam Reader’s Digest (1980–85) and Madhuri (Times of India group) (1963–78), Executive Assistant Editor, Sarita-Caravan group (1945-1963).

Way back on the night between 25-26 December 1973, Arvind Kumar thought of making India’s first modern thesaurus. He and wife Kusum decided (on a morning walk in the Hanging Garden, Mumbai) to dedicate themselves to the cause. At that time, they could not imagine they would not only make Samantar Kosh, but also end by creating the world’s largest bilingual Hindi-English database of expressions (including words, phrase) and be able to interconnect many world cultures and civilizations at one point.

Arvind already had a distinguished career as a journalist-writer-poet, had acquired vast knowledge about the various cultural and scientific aspects of life.

Through all the years of his life, his mission has remained the same (though always shifting from one to another field in print and publishing media, and ultimately to dictionary-making), to communicate to the common and literary sections of society in Hindi and English languages.

Arvind along with Kusum and daughter Meeta shifted to Delhi in 1978. Son Sumeet was left back in Mumbai to prosecute his medical education. In Model Town Delhi, the couple worked whole time to collect data for ambitious thesaurus Samantar Kosh (1996). Other distinguished and celebrated works have followed.

Arvind and Kusum’s linguistic works help users make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their communication skills, build their vocabulary, enable them to attract, develop, excite, inform their audience.

Kusum Kumar                     

(b. 8 December 1933), taught in various institutes before joining government higher secondary schools, Delhi Administration.

On that life-changing 26th December 1973 morning Kusum was at Arvind’s side, and was the first one to offer full and whole-hearted support to him. She had a very good experience of teaching languages to young students, understood their linguistic needs and problems, and was well versed in Hindi and English languages. She was willing to face all difficulties with a missionary zeal and made a rich contribution in selecting and adding a large number of Hindi words to the vast data. At all times she has come out with practical and useful suggestions.

On that decisive morning walk in the Hanging Garden, with them were the children Sumeet and Meeta

Sumeet Kumar

(b. 8 December 1933),   Dr. Sumeet Kumar uniquely combines his education and experience as a General Surgeon with his natural talent of Software Development to create exceptionally effective software for the Healthcare Industry.

He is the CTO of Arvind Lingusitics Pvt Ltd. and also the Sole Proprietor and CEO of CyberMed Solutions.

At Arvind Linguistics, Dr. Sumeet is the driving force behind all its Healthcare Products & Solutions activities.

As owner, CyberMed Solutions, an allied company, Sumeet wrote various computer applications for all the lexicographical works of Arvind Kumar and Kusum Kumar, and has created the unique software for the web-based Arvind Lexicon, worked as senior vice-president of a leading Singapore-based software company where he devised medical informatics software for several hospitals in South-east Asia.

Sumeet did his MBBS and MS (earning two gold medals) from Seth G.S. Medical College, Mumbai, had practiced medicine for many years, when he came up with the idea of digitalizing his parents’ vast data (1989). To save enough funds for computers, he took up a medical job with the Iranian Oil Company, Teheran (1991), learnt computer programming by himself (1989), and wrote the initial FoxPro application, kept on upgrading it as the needs grew. In 1995, he started Cybermed Solutions, a software firm and developed Consultant+, a software for managing small hospitals. After the sale of  Consultant+ to Eutech Cybernetics, Singapore he joined them as Vice President and developed Copernicus HIS, a software for managing large hospitals. Sumeet moved back to India in 2005, joining Auroville as a Honorary Voluntary Worker.

His company Cybermed Solutions has continued to contribute to Arvind lexicon and has, at no charge, created all the software that powers Arvind Lexicon. He is one on the founding members of Arvind Linguistics.

Sumeet’s company CyberMed Solutions has over the past years created a number of open source products & solutions for the Healthcare Industry and Arvind Linguistics has an exclusive license of distribute and implement all these products.

Meeta Lall

(b. 12 August 1965), Meeta is a gold medalist in Nutrition from the Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi. Over the last 25 years, she has been involved in designing and evaluating nutrition and health projects in rural India (with CARE, UNICEF, MODE Research etc) as well as conducting consumer research in urban areas (with IMRB). She has also taught Nutrition at the Lady Irwin College. She writes on health and nutrition actively and contributes regularly to The Hindu, THE WEEK and other magazines.

Meeta inspired the creation of the bilingual Hindi-English data of words and expressions. She prepared the base work for it, by suggesting English equivalents of all Hindi headwords in the Samantar Kosh. She has been associated with Arvind Linguistics Pvt. Ltd. right from its inception..

Meeta is the CEO & CFO of Arvind Linguistics and is the driving force behind all new initiatives at Arvind Linguistics.