Who should subscribe to Arvind Lexicon?

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A subscription to Arvind Lexicon is a must for anyone who needs fast interactive super-fast online access to an exhaustive bilingual Hindi-English dictionary and thesaurus. Its various editions draw upon from the world’s largest database of a million+ bilingual Hindi-English words and expressions. Along with them, Arvind Lexicon offers contextual links to similar and opposite word concepts. Its multiple cross-cultural references make it a true mini encyclopaedia.

It is a new benchmark in the field of bilingual dictionaries and thesaurus

Arvind Lexicon is indispensable for:

All those who use written or spoken Hindi and/or English in their work or studies or research

Hindi and English newpapers


News and entertainment television channels, their creative teams…

All Hindi and English Indian journalists in India and abroad

Non-native users of Hindi and/or English who want to improve their writing, spelling, vocabulary. It comes with a new ‘Intuitive Transliteration’ scheme, devised by the authors, to help them read and understand a Hindi word’s correct pronunciation through the Roman script

All embassies in India, all foreign correspondents covering Indian and South Asian news and events and who are in need of basic online handbook full of information on Indian and world cultures, religions, sacraments, beliefs, philosophies…and whatnot

All persons holding official or secretarial positions in need to correspond in Hindi and/or English

Writers, copyeditors, translators

Linguists, other language professionals

Advertising agencies, their conceptualizers, ad writers, translators

Film production companies, their scriptwriters, directors

Academics, students, and teachers of Hindi and/or English

English-teaching institutes in Hindi and non-Hindi areas

Hindi-teaching institutes the worldover

Diaspora and their children spread all over the world

All lovers of the Hindi and/or English language

Arvind Lexicon keeps updating itself

9,51,045 expressions (4,31,581 English and 5,19,460 Hindi) under 38,492 subheads